So, if you’re an entrepreneur, ad agency, production company or business that needs a great video script like this one for BidetMate with over 20K views hit me up!

Just in the past year of 2020, I wrote over 100 video/audio scripts for clients big and small including sports enthusiast club Olympeak, attorney search firm Taphurt, LandStar telecom, M4Media, Wilton Strut-Cutter, Tri-Stretch jeans and yes, an Australian bidet.

These were aside from creating digital campaigns, social media posts, emails and more for my incredible agency clients too! I’m just mentioning the BidetMate video as it was one of the most fun projects to work on during a year that wasn’t what anyone expected. And who doesn’t like a little bathroom humor?

Check out more of my samples at and let’s work together in 2021!

Brian Kille

Copywriter, Creative Consultant & Big Ass Idea Generator @

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